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August 18, 2012 · 3:12 pm

4 Confessions from a newbie blogger…

I have a theme for my life…Learn it, Live it and Teach it.
My goal in starting to blog was to Learn the technical side to Teach my kids. I figure blogging is one way to get my kids to write for fun each day. So I started this journey a few weeks ago.
Confession 1: I never read the instruction manual
I am a  Kinesthetic learner which means reading how to set up a blog or watching a YouTube video are not for me. I just jumped in and created a Blogger blog. My wife uses Blogger and likes it. After a few days I felt overwhelmed . Since I had no intention of keeping this blog (just an alpha test) my mind raced with all the setup work I needed to do to test all the features and not annoy me or my real friends I must setup a new email account, new Facebook account, new Twitter account….uuuggggg. I finally resolved to at least setting up a new email account. I setup my new email account and created a page just to see what the templates looked like, I posted it and then it happened…..3 views. My blood was flowing and mind racing as I sat down and created another post…wow 10 views. Then  a thought occurred to me “do they like my post?” and “who are these people”. After a few more posts  and “views” from unknown people I was ready for something new. I had heard about WordPress and decide to give it a try.
Confession 2: I  have “focus issues” 
I have focus issues and people with focus issues think that trying to learn two new things at one time is fun. WordPress seemed  a lot easier to set up and the widgets are a lot easier to work with. Plus I found this really cool button called LIKE. When I posted people would tell me they LIKE the post. They may not leave a comment or seek a conversation but at least I know that someone read it and got something from it. Best of all the LIKE button is not tied to social media so I can LIKE other people’s post with out my Facebook friends getting spammed. Of course if I want to share on Facebook or other media I can.
….only two more to go, you can make it
Confession 3: I am still a newbie
I still post to both blogs and I still have no clue who the couple hundred people are that have “viewed” my blogger site. On WordPress I know who is following me (thank you), who likes my posts and who I am following. There is much more to learn so if you visit again and the site looks different it’s because I ‘m a newbie still in my Learning phase.
Confession 4: I am still clueless
There are so many great blogs that seem to have a niche, a unique story or theme. I am still searching for my theme. Do I bore the world with my mundane daily life? Do I display all the fun Science experiments and projects we do? Do I share all my family adventures around the country? Do I share how we teach our kids at home and stay sane? So many ideas but I am clueless about what to focus on. Did I mention I had focus issues. As I ponder all these things I have to keep in mind that when I get to the Teaching phase my kids will be blogging along side with me.
Confession is good for the soul.

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