Nano Technology for Kids (and adults)

Kids are eager to learn, even the stuff normally reserved for college students. The great thing about being a home school science dad is that I am not restricted by a mandated list of topics.


Yesterday we began to explore nano technology. We studied the substance called Aerogel.

  • Aerogel is also called Liquid Smoke. Here is how it is made ( a variety of formulas exist for different application)
  • Silica Gel (silica mixed with alcohol
  • Mix liquid CO2 (CO2 dries the alcohol)
  • Heat the mixture and the CO2 rises to the top and evaporates
  • What you have left is a material made of 98% air
  • The silica fibers are 100x smaller than a spiderweb

Do not attempt to make this at home

aerogel cubes

aerogel from NASA


aerogel on plant




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Bean, Beans will make you…..


Beans, Beans are good for the heart. Beans, Beans will make you…:) (have a tummy ache if you eat too many).

The home fry’s eat a lot of beans. As strange as it sounds my kids actually ask for beans with every meal, except breakfast. As soon as I figure out how to make beans taste good in an omelette I will add them to the menu.

The problem with beans is they produce a gas as they break down in the stomach. Well, my wife has found a way to stop this.

Simply add a cup of baking soda while cooking. This is a great way to “de-gas” the beans.

Baking Soda Removing the Gas

Another trick we learned is in the packaging. It seemed that we would always lose part of the beans while putting them in plastic bags. We found that putting the bags in a glass cup adds the stability for quick packing.

Cup o’beans

Our secret to tasty beans is bacon bits. So here is a wonderful photo of my grilled bacon bits.

Bacon Bits – Home Made

I hope you will try this trick with your next batch of beans…better than a bottle of Bean-0.


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