Nano Technology for Kids (and adults)

Kids are eager to learn, even the stuff normally reserved for college students. The great thing about being a home school science dad is that I am not restricted by a mandated list of topics.


Yesterday we began to explore nano technology. We studied the substance called Aerogel.

  • Aerogel is also called Liquid Smoke. Here is how it is made ( a variety of formulas exist for different application)
  • Silica Gel (silica mixed with alcohol
  • Mix liquid CO2 (CO2 dries the alcohol)
  • Heat the mixture and the CO2 rises to the top and evaporates
  • What you have left is a material made of 98% air
  • The silica fibers are 100x smaller than a spiderweb

Do not attempt to make this at home

aerogel cubes

aerogel from NASA


aerogel on plant




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