Why public schools can’t keep up.

I have written three posts on public schools: public school history part 1, part 2 and now this post.  The previous mentioned posts are from my  research in education and put together to help explain to my friends why I was going to home school my kids.

I looked at every school option for my kids and it became clear that public schools  and most private schools were not designed to prepare kids for real life.  The class rooms are over crowded, the teachers tied up by rules and the material not engaging. We are not living in the industrial era, this is the information age. How do you create a standardized test for a 12 year old kid who struggles in math is average at best in English but has 5 websites that generate more income than the teacher. What about the tween girl who is failing every subject except writing and has 100 followers of her  blog?

There is a great video by Karl Fisch  Scott McLeod called “did you know”.  It really gives you a sense how things are changes and why there is no way public schools will ever catch up.




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6 responses to “Why public schools can’t keep up.

  1. How do you teach the above-mentioned kids? The same way they taught Einstein and Edison.
    Although rudimentary math and English skills are VERY important, how does a tween girl learn rudmath when she is in 8th grade and the lessons are pre-algebra? It’s a nut house.

    • We have a blended approach. We are very organized with traditional school stuff in mornings, worksheets and computer aided training. Then do real world application in the evening.

      • So many things I would like to do differently, but they’re out of my reach anymore. 🙂
        Have fun. I know your children will succeed because of the one on one you mention. The real secret to success. 🙂

  2. Forgot to include the following free read, which if you have not heard of, you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE:


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