Plug the kids in….


I hear parents every day wishing they could unplug their kids from there devises. I have a better idea! Plug them in more with these great ideas…


  1. Teach your kids to write and love it by creating a neighbor hood blog (all the kids can join in) parents suggest the topics and the kids write
  2. Have your kids write review about every game or app they use (more writing skills)
  3. Challenge your kids to research the history of their favorite apps, its creators and tools used to create it
  4. Teach your kids to sell on Ebay…my kids are selling their clothes and everything else.
  5. Have your kids build a website (don’t start with an eCommerce site….just a family site) you can even keep it private
  6. Tell your kids they have to watch the commercials and report back on them (how many were there during the show, what products, who was in it, did it make you want to buy )




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